EcoDrive 2017 en

ECO DRIVE 2017, 2nd International Exhibition

Ecological transport and Infrastructure for electric vehicles

Events held by Eco Drive team have become a traditional gathering place for members of electric vehicles’ world and popular events for active life enthusiasts as well as business people and sportsmen.

Eco Drive 2017 Exhibition is a key event in the sector of electric transport of Ukraine, a platform available for discussion on the development of initiatives and investments in “green” transport, sharing experiences and technologies, the conclusion of business contracts.

The purpose of the Eco Drive 2017 Exhibition is popularization of the idea of an environmentally friendly and economy use of transport, the definition of its development strategy in urban settings, as well as discussions on the successful operation and development of the transport potential of Ukraine.

This is a great chance to choose a product or service for customers who want to see all possible proposals for a single resource, which significantly spares time and money, get advice on credit “green transport” from the leading banks in Ukraine. And for the manufacturer, this is the opportunity to represent their products and services to end users, as well as to find business partners among Ukrainian and foreign players in the market of electric vehicles.

Eco Drive 2017 is being held at the same time as MotoBikeBikeExpo and ActiveSport exhibitions and also with other active events.

Simultaneous four exhibitions is a single mass event with more than 30,000 active lifestylers, as well as representatives of the business and sports world.