EcoDrive 2016 en

From 11 to 13 March 2016 in the International Exhibition Center held the first EcoDrive 2016 exhibition, which demonstrated the latest achievements of environmental and transport infrastructure of electric vehicles.

At the official opening ceremony, the visitors of the EcoDrive 2016 were welcomed by the representatives of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, the Ukrainian OschadBank, the Association of Ukrainian electric vehicles’ market, Taiwan Council on Foreign Trade (TAITRA) in Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia.

Market operators discussed about prospects of extensive use of electric vehicles by private, corporate, municipal and public users; opportunities and prospects of small personal electric vehicles in Ukraine; ways of creating the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles and service; latest trends in design of electric vehicles and the possibility of further development and more relevant and interesting topics.

Participants represented their electric vehicles and accessories, and visitors could get a closer look at the wide range of exhibited products and establish new contacts.

Among the visitors were representatives of Kyiv City Administration, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, government and non-government organisations, major domestic and foreign industry and national media, as well as Ukrainian and foreign public figures. In total EcoDrive 2016 exhibition was visited by about 31,000 people.

EcoDrive team thanks all participants of the EcoDrive 2016 for their interest and initiative. They all were relevant and interesting. We were very happy with the audience, volume of received information and friendly atmosphere.

One of the organizers, Vadim Ignatov said: “We have tried to gather all representatives of the Ukrainian market, operating in the segment of electric vehicles. The idea of the exhibition was born because of the need that has emerged in Ukraine with the appearance of electric transport. Currently in our country there are many companies working in this direction. Being organizer of the exhibition dedicated to this subject, our team is trying to draw attention to the state and society on the improving and upgrading our lifestyle. EcoDrive 2016 exhibition is a project on transport safety, improving quality of life, improving the urban infrastructure. We plan to make the EcoDrive exhibition every year and all-round. We hope that the EcoDrive exhibition will increase every year and its guests can get the most complete impressions with the presented products and enjoy the shows.

See you at the EcoDrive 2017!”